Monday, May 5, 2014

And Then It Happened

Today at work I took a picture I needed on my iPhone,  and when I went to import it, all my old photos for some reason popped up....and then it happened.

I got hit with that wave of reality that reminds a momma's soul that time is moving faster than should be allowed.  Picture after picture of my babies moved across the screen and with them the last year of my life.

I've mentioned this before, but it was a tough year.  We were hit with some unexpected expenses, and we dealt with a challenging stage of defiance from our preschooler as he exerted his independence all the while losing night after night of sleep thanks to round two of the bedtime wars. Tucked in there was also the search for a new job, an attempt or two (or billion) to lose weight, and a general quest for perfection, although I wouldn't have called it that.  I probably would have said, "self-improvment" or some other bologna.  For the sake of time let's call a spade a spade...I was chasing perfection.

Here's a little secret for you... perfection (or whatever BS word you want to call it)  is elusive; no sooner do you get one area of your life in check than another spins out of control.  It's true.

Anyway, it broke my Momma heart to realize that I let so many joyous moments fade away only to be appreciated after they were gone and nothing more than a memory.

Tomorrow is a new day and it my prayer to live intentionally because in time everything else will fade, but the memories we make and the legacy we leave in our children will last for generations to come.

The three-year-old in that picture above is playing t-ball and about to start kindergarten, and that precious baby is a walking, talking, bundle of drama.  Ya'll, I blinked.

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