Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cause Sometimes You Just Gotta Do What's Best For Them

Tonight was the first Wednesday night in several years that I have missed church intentionally.  I suspected that it might happen with the transition into the new schedule.  I thought I might need a week or two to get it together, to perfect the new routine.  I even thought there may be a Wednesday or two skipped in an effort to spend quality time with Eli who tends to have the hardest time adjusting to change, but to my surprise he transitioned beautifully, and I found that I better manage my time and resources when working.

Turns out Ellie girl is the one who isn't adjusting well.  At first I chalked it up to teething, then all the sickness, then her inability to communicate, but in the end deep down in my gut I knew she was crying out for attention. We've literally been home one night a week for several weeks in a row, and I think it is taking a toll on her.  After much prayer I decided to cancel all evening commitments with the exception of t-ball and the occasional work night.

It was difficult because Wednesday is my favorite night of the week even with all the spills, meltdowns, interrupted conversations, and late nights.  I cherish my women's study at church and all the ladies who have become my sisters in Christ, but in the end my daughter needs some normalcy in her life.

I know it seems weird to cancel a church activity rather than t-ball, but we do nightly devotions with Eli, we attend church on Sunday, and I have my personal quiet time every day, so I didn't feel like my spiritual walk or my children's spiritual walks would suffer.

T-ball ends later this month at which point I will return to church to help with the children's ministry through the summer.  It will be a wonderful transition for Eli to start the program while I'm there, and if Ellie needs me she can just come on in.

My goal is to keep commitments to one night a week through the toddler years so that we can protect our family time.  I know there will always be execptions to the next week when we have t-ball, kindergarten orientation, and I have to work late. Ha!

I guess what I'm saying is that for the next few years having most of our evening free will be a priority throughout the week so that we can invest in our children.  Tonight alone Ellie learned two new words "up" and "thank you."  She also started nodding and shaking her head, and was almost fit free...almost. I firmly believe the girl need her routine and a little intentional attention from her momma.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our little diva!

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