Friday, May 9, 2014

Double The Blessings

Our dear friends, Gabe and Tina, welcomed TWINS into the world yesterday.  They are alreay wonderful parents to Owen (4) and Parker (18 mo.)  I can not image having four children so close in age, but if anyone can do, it's the Adkins.  They are such an incredible couple, and these four babies are so blessed to have them as parents. 

Eric and I were going to run to the hospital on our lunch breaks, but Eli heard us talking about it and threw a fit to see Owen.  We decided to wait until after work and go as a family to meet Duncan and Maggie who are the sweetest babies.  

Eli and Owen had the best time playing and even Ellie and Parker were social this time. We have loved watching our families grow over the years. Eli and Owen are one week apart, Ellie and Parker are a few months apart, but Eric and I are happy to let them be twins for us. Ha!  

Here are the four oldest.  We can't wait to add Duncan and Maggie to our mandatory photos.  Ha!  Four adults and four kids is pretty even, so we open they never figure out that they out number us and stage a revolt.  It could end poorly. 

We ordered out Kyotos and picked it up on the way home then we let Eli and Ellie enjoy Rio for Family Movie Night.  The cuteness of this picture lasted all of three minutes, but at least we tried!!

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