Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Bucket List

 It's the time of year where we spend our evenings in the stillness of a southern landscape with the setting sun as our light and the sounds of crickets and bullfrogs as our soundtrack.  Our skin is bronzed by the sun's kiss, our bellies are full with home grown goodness, and our feet are bare.  Popsicles fill the freezer, the smell of sun block permeates the air, and dirty kids fill the bathtub night after night.  It's summer time, and we are so ready to fill this season precious memories of family time. Here is a look at our bucket list.

1. Memorial Day in Marion
2. Father's Day
3. Independence Day
4. Labor Day Weekend
5. Clay's Birthday
6. Emily's Birthday
7. Mommy's Birthday
8. Mandi's Birthday
9. Amy's Birthday
10. Nan's Birthday
11. Griffin's Birthday
12. Owen's Birthday
13. Papaw, Granny, Ms. Tina Birthdays
14. Shannon's Birthday
15. Eli's FIFTH Birthday

16. Popsicles
17. Hawaian Ice
18. Family Ice Cream Night
19. Ice Cream & A MOOvie
20. T-ball Banquet
22. Beach Vacation
23. Disney World
24. Water Balloon Fight
25. Slip 'N Slide

26. Fireworks
27. Beech Bend Park
28. Water Park (Circus Square)
29. Drive-In Movie
30. Lake Trip
31. VBS
32. Kindergarten Readiness
33. Eli's Big Boy Day 

I will do my best to document all of these activities, but I may be too busy enjoying the experiences to document them.  The good news is that there is always Instagram. 

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