Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Words For Wednesday

Hey ya'll...once again I hit a little blog plateau.  When your life consists on wake up - go to work - eat dinner - play with the kids - go to bed - hit repeat, it seems kinda dull to document every little thing.  Please, don't think I'm complaining because I'm not.  We're in a nice, predictable routine, and it's wonderful...just not always blog worthy.

Anyway, I just wanted to jot down some stuff in this memory book of mine.  Saturday Eric's parents came to see Eli play ball.  We randomly decided to go back down to Marion for the night, and it was a wonderful visit. Something was in bloom which means that Eric and I both have had serious allergy issues this week and sound like we've got "The Black Lung." I'm hoping that with summer finally upon us we can kiss all this sickness goodbye.

In other news, our kids are growing up.  Eli has finally started going to bed alone.  He always sleeps by himself but needs me to lay with him while he drifts off. It's a love/hate situation for this Momma.  We've been trying to break the habit, but it's just easier this way, and I get snuggles.  The bottom line is that it has to stop, and we've tried everything including telling him that it is illegal to enter kindergarten if you still needed Mommy at bedtime. You can give me the "Mom Of The Year" trophy later.  Well, in an unfortunate turn of events (for Eli) he disobeyed and got sent to bed all alone.  When he woke up the next morning, he was so proud!  I don't want to jinks it or anything, but we are two nights strong, and that's a record. Also, we're bribing him with money.  Judge if you will, but I'm calling it positive reinforcement.  Once he learns that this is an expectation, the $1 prize will stop.

Sadly, Ellie has taken a step in the other direction.  She was finally sleeping through the night, but has apparently decided that it's not for her.  She was up for four hours Monday night.  Last night I did everything I could think of and even brought her to our bed which is a HUGE no-no in the Watson home.  When nothing worked, I made her cry.  All the screaming, throwing, head banging and bed shaking lasted all of two minutes.  We'll see, but I'm hopeful she got the message.  Ya'll baby girls are drama queens rolled into a cute package.

We have a make-up t-ball game tonight and another one tomorrow then it's time to gear up for Memorial Day...the unofficial start of summer.  I am so ready for swimming, bbq, sand, and sun!

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