Monday, June 16, 2014

Time Flies

Right now I'm supposed to be cleaning out the closet.  Eric is working on the van, and my mother in law has the kids for a few days, so I thought I would tackle Eli's closet which has been driving me crazy for months.  Instead of knocking out this chore, I'm sitting in the floor crying (and now writing) about packing up the final remains of toddlerhood.

One by one I pulled out clothes from years gone by...literally.  My kids tend to be in most of their sizes for two seasons, so I literally had a few years worth of memories- Big Brother t-shirts, dinsosaur shirts,  daycare outfits, special items worn for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter.  Each item has a story, a memory.

I clean out the closets twice a year, so this really shouldn't have happened, but it did.  My big Momma heart was flooded with emotion as I packed away each item and was reminded just how quickly time moves. 

It seems like just yesterday that we were carefully selecting the perfect Big Bro shirt, and now Ellie is officially a toddler herself.   How did we get from dinosaurs to Monster Trucks and Super Heroes?  How did my sweet boy grow old enough to start school?

How long until I look up to see him there in a cap and gown?

Ya'll this is a perfect reminder of why we must enjoy each season with our children.  No chapter will be perfect, and each will come with its own joys and challenges.  And while no season is exactly the same, one constant remains...Time flies.

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