Saturday, June 28, 2014

Vacation: Day Nine

I wouldn't normally document the drive home, but you know that it it's out of the norm in any way, it counts as a vacation in my book.  And this was the kind of day that you talk about for years to come.

We hit the road and made it to Valdosta, Georgia where we stopped to eat at the Smokin' Pig.  If you've lurked around this blog for long, you know that it's a tradition that we look forward to every time we travel, and we always save it for the ride home so that it takes some of the sting out of leaving the beach.

So, as we pulled in we notice that our van was SMOKING!!!!  ahhhh!  Eric dropped us off to eat while he went looking for a mechanic.  A few hours, two grumpy kids and one cold meal later we were back on the road with no explanations as to what caused the problem.

After lots of silent prayers we finally rolled back in to town around 10:00, and it feels so good to be home!

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