Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fun At The Park

I mentioned yesterday that this has been a really mild July, which means that we've been able to get outside in the afternoons much more often than we typically do in the summer months. 

I've always loved taking Eli to the park after work, but with the new hours that has been a rare treat.  Lucky for us the weather was perfect this afternoon, so we headed to the park for a little fun before church. 

Eli is getting so independent and can climb just about anything he wants.  It's hard not to hover, but I know he needs a little independence…just not at the sake of a broken bone. Ha!

I love these two picture of Ellie.  It looks like she is dumbfounded by the majestic play ground in front of her.  She is also overly independent and makes me a nervous wreck. 

Be still my heart…this little guy is growing up so stinking fast!

Ok, one more…caption the photo below.  Haha!

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