Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fun With Family

After all the fun on the fourth, we kinda needed a chill day.  Eric and Colby went to play golf and I stayed poolside while Dixie took the kids to play with their cousins.  My relaxation was just what the doctor ordered until I fell asleep on the float and got stung by a bee!!

We once again grilled out and enjoyed homemade ice-cream!  Then we built a bon fire and tried to enjoy it.  I use the work "try" because Ellie was mesmerized by the flames and kept gravitating toward them which made me a nervous wreck. 

I had to share this picture because I think it captures the tranquillity of Eric's family's farm. It's so serene and beautiful, and the uninterrupted time with family always recharges our batteries.  We are so blessed to experience this with three generations. 

And in case you're wondering, the kids are never running down that hill gleaming and happy like a scene out of "Little House On The Prarie." More often than not, they leave looking like little rag children…and that's okay because sometimes you gotta get a little dirty to have fun!

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