Sunday, July 20, 2014

Griffin Turns Three

This morning before church I tried to get a picture of these two, but Ellie was in LaLa Land and Eli was doing something funky with his shirt…ya just never know! 

Anyway, after the sermon we came home and grilled out steak while Ellie rested up for Griffin's birthday party. 

It was seriously one of the cutest parties that I have ever seen.  The animal/party theme was so much fun, and I'm envious of the decorations…amazing, ya'll!

So, I had to share the picture below of Ellie and Cayslee.  They're four months apart in age and have just recently started interacting.  The problem is that Ellie treats her like a baby doll kissing on her, trying to carrie her, and even stealing her pacifier.  We're hoping she's not displaying premature signs of bullying.  Haha!

After the party we went to town for what I thought would be some accessories for our bedroom.  I ended up being a new comforter set.  I promise to show you pictured when I get it all in place!

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