Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Southern Summer Night

We are having such a mild July, and for that I am so, so thankful.  We're outdoorsy people, so we're usually cursing the humidity this time time of the year.  This nice cool snap has us outside more than usual. 

Tonight after dinner we brought out the "roller coaster." My parents got it as a Christmas gift for Eli back in 2010.  We've played with it inside several time, but recently had the brilliant idea to take it outside for a little change. 

Eli loved it and rode down the little ramp again and again.  His legs are getting a little long, and the car is hard to steer, so there were lots of laughs. 

There were also a few tantrums because Ellie wanted to ride too.  She would have a meltdown because she couldn't go down alone.  Then when I would finally help her, Eli would throw a fit not wanting to share…sigh!

Don't you fret, we compromised by letting both kids ride in the gator…these two are dangerous drivers!

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