Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thunderfest 2014

Tomorrow will be the first time in my professional career that I have NOT had to work on July 4th!!! Unless you've clocked in on very holiday known to man, I don't think you can fully grasp the blessing this is for our family!

Like always, we headed out to Thunderfest here in Bowling Green to watch the fireworks...only this time I didn't have to rush home to go to bed for work!  We decided to park across the street again since we weren't sure how Ellie would react this go-a-round, plus it saved $20!

We left the house early, got a parking spot and walked down the street to a little Mexican restaurant.  We had gotten bad news on the van earlier today, so it was a nice distraction.  I think it may become part our of holiday tradition, (eating, not bad news) and ya'll know that I love a good tradition. 

After dinner we went back to our spots to wait for the show.  It was a little lengthy, and the kids were a lot wiggly!  I think that next year I'll plan better for the two and a half hours and make sure to have lots of snacks and activities to entertain everyone.

Ellie was enthralled once the sky lit up.  She oohed and ahhed and loved every second of it.  Eli on the other hand enjoyed the first three minutes and then asked repeatedly when we could leave.  Ha!  He ended up watching from the car. 

It was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday weekend!

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