Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation: Day Five

Yeah, I know…another boring post.  I won't be offended if you don't read this, I promise!  I just want to do a play-by-play for personal recollection because let me tell you, having babies fries your brain cells.  For real I can't remember what I had for breakfast, so if I don't write this all down, I won't remember the details of our lovely trip. 

So basically we had another predictable day.  We hit the beach around 9:30.  We played in the sand, jumped the waves, and encouraged naps.  Ellie was the only one who complied.  We did add a new game to the activity list.  Eli was Captain American and had to beat up the bad guy…it was a wave.  Judge me if you will, but it took his mind off of the ocean and helped him ease right on into the water. 

After lunch it was more of the same, but we did take the kids a little treat back to the beach.  It was some kind of slushy thing with a candy spoon.  They loved it…I hated it.  Eli ruined a shirt and Ellie stained her swimsuit.  Although, I must say that they look so darn cute in their sunglasses...

Of course we went back to the condo around 4:00 where we began the nightly charade of bathing two kids (one in the sink) and dressing four people for a night out.  That's the easy part.  Getting Eli and Ellie to sit still at a restaurant is a whole other ballgame.  

We ended up eating at Monkey Joes which is a burger type place on the beach.  Clay and Mandi wanted to head to St. John's Pier after we ate, so we did a little shopping, candy sampling, and wine tasting (for the 21 and older party) before heading back to the condo 

And with sleeping kiddos, we're getting ready for DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!

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