Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grandparents Day

Today was Grandparent's Day at Eli's school.  He has talked about it for a solid two weeks and has been super excited.  I was a little worried that our parents would't be able to take off of work to travel during the middle of the week, but as always, they pulled through…both sets. He had Nan, Grandad, Gigi, and PawPaw all there!

My mom and dad came down yesterday with Ellie.  They surprised Eli by picking him up early from the after school program and taking him home to play.  They met me at work around 4:30, and we drove to their hotel and went to dinner at Chuey's.  Then we let the kids swim before heading back. 

Ronnie and Dixie came up this morning and were the first ones to the school.  After eating with Eli, they met Eric and I in town on our breaks and treated us to lunch too…we are blessed!!  Eli was beyond thrilled to have so much support.  The school sent me these pictures because I was under strict orders from my five-year-old to NOT come since I'm not a grandparent!  

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