Friday, September 12, 2014

Greeting Grady

Last  night our church hosted a second baby shower for the week. Actually, it was a "Sprinkle" this time, but whatever.  Haven and Sabrina are due ONE DAY apart.  I have a slight hunch that Eden and Grady may grow up and get married. 

The theme was animals since that is what Mr. Grady's room will be decorated in, and it was so stinking cute!  We have such fun and creative women at our church, so celebrations are always themed to perfection.  They even went to Chewys for Sabrina's favorite chips and dip!

Eli and Griffin ran around the whole time, but what else is new? Ha!  Ellie was a fan of the food and even posed for a few pictures!  It was such a great night, and I can not wait to hold little Grady…and sweet Eden!

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