Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Musings

Ya’ll, I do really well with blogging for a week or two before I fall off the bandwagon and get behind.  It’s a vicious cycle…and a silly problem. Ha!  I always say to myself that blogging isn’t all that important, but then I spend hours rereading older posts and realize that I have forgotten so many small things.  I just can’t give it up yet.

Last week was a rough, rough week in so many ways.  I probably won’t ever blog about, because it’s not my battle to fight or my story to tell, but it was just a heavy seven days with a burdened heart for people I love.  However, in the midst of it, the Lord taught me a lot about choosing my battles, giving people grace, and letting go of fights that aren’t mine.  You can expect the theme of "letting go" to pop up in your reader at some point this week. I also have to document our Fall Bucket List, and recant the story of the time I almost got kicked out of the Dollar Store.  Good times, let me tell you. 

Speaking of “good times,” We had a really great weekend that included family movie night, some consignment shopping for me and Ellie, a visit from Eric’s parents, and a baby shower for Haven. Oh, and I almost died this morning.  Ok, not really, but my blow dyer legit caught on fire while I was doing my hair this morning.  I’m not talking a few sparks.  There were full sized flames and smoke!  I screamed like a crazy lady before throwing the dyer out into the yard for safe measure.  It was awful. 

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