Saturday, September 27, 2014

Prissy Sissy

Eli has gotten quite a bit of attention on the blog lately with all of the school activities, and I didn't want ya'll to think that I had forgotten about Ellie, so here is a post dedicated to our "Prissy Sissy."  Please excuse the photo quality. With a toddler, you can't wait to find the camera, and a iPhone is always right at hand. 

Eli is well rounded.  She goes from wrestling and playing with Monster Trucks and Hot Wheels to wearing necklaces and playing dress up.  In fact, she almost always wears a necklace at home, and recently she has found the wonder of sunglasses. Despite having them on upside down, she was looking adorable when she came strolling her baby down  the hall…and then she turned around. 

Haha!  Ya'll, I just about died laughing!!  I posted this on Instagram: Mommy in the front; Daddy in the back!  This girl is one of kind!

While Nan and Gradad were here today, Nan wanted to go show shopping for Ellie.  We found several great options, but Ellie had her little heart set on these baby high heels.  I mean have you ever seen a cuter thing in your life?!

We didn't get them, but this Prissy Sissy tried them on and walked pretty well.  I was impressed…and proud.  Who knows, she may grow up to be a pageant girl after all.  And even if she doesn't she loves shoes, and that's a child after my own heart!

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