Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Reading Mastery

 Ever since starting school, Eli has been eager to read.  He wants to sound out words constantly and asks how EVERYTHING is spelled, which is a good thing.  The problem is, I never had phonics.  I am literally the worst speller in the world..in case regular typos on this blog hadn't already tipped you off to that embarrassing fact.

Lucky for me, Eli's school hosted a Reading Mastery Night to teach parents how to reinforce the curriculum at home.  I'm certain that Eric will still do the majority of homework since he can actually sound out a word, but I feel much more prepared to help.  

Eli and his fellow Kindergarteners demonstrated the curriculum, and I was so impressed with what they had already learned. I am so eager to watch the kids grow throughout the school year.  I know I'm new at this whole school thing, but I'm having a lot of fun and look forward to a few upcoming and exciting events that include: Mid-Evil Dress Up Day, Fall Festival, Community Walk Field Trip and FALL BREAK!!

Oh, and I can't forget this little lady.  She's always along for the ride!

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