Thursday, October 2, 2014

Community Walk

Today was a Mommy Milestone.  I got to chaperone Eli's class field trip which was a Community Walk around our town.  

We started at the church where I got call from work and had to deal with a situation.  While the kids went ahead to the library, I took care of things and met back up with them.  

After the library we walked to the park for lunch and some playtime.  I enjoyed snapping pictures of Eli and all of his classmates.  Next came the Mexican restaurant in town and the fire station. 

We hit up the hardware store, dentist office, and police station before stopping at Flavor Isle for a sweet treat.  They were so gracious to donate ice cream to the kiddos!

Our final stop of the day was City Hall.  Eli was selected to play "mayor."  If you look really closely in the picture below you can see his little head sticking out over the counter.  Ha!  They are all so tiny.

After getting a civics lesson at City Hall, we walked back to school, hot and exhausted from all the fun!

I can't believe I have a kindergartener!!  

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