Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Much to our surprise (and delight) the kids slept late of Christmas morning.  We didn't hear Eli until 8:20, and we had to wake up Ellie. 

We had put the gate at the end of the hall before we went to bed hoping to prevent peeking.  Good thing, because Eli tried to bypass our room and went sprinting down the hall.  

Their faces were priceless.  Eli got everything on his list which is a small miracle we are going to enjoy before he starts making requests too big to fulfill .

Eli was priceless, ya'll.  She had no idea what was awaiting her when she woke up.  Needless to say, she was in shock.  Ha!

Eric's family usually comes into town for Christmas Day, but illness kept them away.  Since we didn't  have lunch to prepare, we were lazy and took our time playing with the kids and being together as a family.  I even let go of my Type A ways and let the kids make a mess. 

Ellie and Eric watched movies (a.ka. Frozen) , cuddled, and napped while Eli painted and I cooked a Christmas dinner.  

I don't normally enjoy cooking, but with all the time in the world, I actually enjoyed it.  

We had Ham, Veg-all Casserole, and Mac 'n Cheese.   I wanted to keep it fairly light since I knew that we would be celebrating with a big meal on Saturday when Eric's family came up.  

The kids were so excited to eat on the Christmas china and drink "Grinch Juice" out of real stemware.    I guess it is a treat when you're used to eating off of paper plates on work nights. HA!

The final hoorah of the night was singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  We made a cake with special sprinkles and decorated the table for the special occasion.  

It may have been a small dinner, but it was so special to celebrate with our little family.  I look forward to being back with Eric's family this weekend and picking up our tradition again next year, but this was a sweet, sweet I'll never forget. 

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