Monday, December 15, 2014

Fa La La La

One of the great things about a small community is how they embrace the school. Today Eli's class went Christmas Caroling, and I had the chance to stop by for some pictures.  This little cutie was so excited to wear his Santa hat. He loves the holidays so much, so this was right up his ally.  

My favorite part of the whole day was when we were leaving the house this morning.  He was wearing his Christmas gear and backpack when he randomly decided to ride his tricycle down the driveway.  Even though it made us a tad bit late, I could' help but chuckle at is enthusiasm. 

On a side note, please say a little prayer for my kids this week.  The flu is widespread in our little town and there are DOZENS of kids out sick.  We want them all better, and we also want to avoid the illness 

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