Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'll Be Home For Christmas

We just got from the most wonderful weekend in Lexington where we celebrated Christmas just a little bit early.  It's becoming a family tradition to get together the weekend before since Eric and I want to spend the holidays at home with our kids. 

Of course we got there fairly late on Friday night.  I thought that Ellie might fall asleep on the way since she had missed some of her nap at daycare, but no such luck.  After visiting with my parents and Amy and Shannon, we hit the hay.

Saturday was pretty low key.  We slept late, watched the WKU/Louisville game, ate lunch and visited with Sarah and Mimi before everyone got to my parents' house for Christmas.  

After the speediest dinner ever, we got straight to business and starting opening gifts.  I got some things that I have really been wanting and so did Eric.  Ellie and Eli were spoiled rotten.  Ha!  It literally took the whole truck bed to pack everything back to Bowling Green. 

We were supposed to go to church this morning, but Dad and Eric were feeling puny.  We ended up having a lazy morning before eating lunch and heading back home.  I just finished unpacking and putting away toys.  Now I'm getting ready for my short two day work week.  

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