Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Ya'll, we had another delightful weekend, although it was slightly less festive than last week.  We started on Friday with Family Movie Night, then Eric went hunting on Saturday.  While he was gone, the kids and I played, cleaned the house and caught up on laundry.  Actually, the kids played while I did the rest. 

When Eric got home, we decided to head to town for some family time.  Eli wanted to eat Mexican, so we hit up a restaurant close to the house before driving around to look at lights.  We are blessed to have two families in our community who go above and beyond to decorate and share their talents with others...FREE OF CHARGE.  It's perfect for our kids since their attention spans are short and these lights are sensory overload.

This morning we got up and went to church.  You know I had to take a few pictures of the kiddos dolled up in their Christmas attire, so here they are.

After church we went came to eat and relax while Ellie napped, then it was off to the store for groceries and more Christmas shopping. 

Eli is very generous and loves to buy people gifts.  The problem is, he has no income.  He made a list of what he wanted to get everyone in the family, but I had to carefully channel his generosity in a slightly less expensive direction.  In the end, he was excited with his choices, and I was proud of his maturity and giving spirit. 

After leaving the store, we had to head the grocery, and that's where everything went South...ha!  The kids were ridiculous, and I have never been happier to have Eric with me than I was today.  Seriously, somebody needs to get out the Naughty List.

Don't you worry...they are back on the Nice list after a fun night of wrapping gifts, watching Christmas movies, and splashing around in the tub.  This is our last week of school before Christmas, and it is packed.  Eli has caroling tomorrow and TWO parties this week, but Ellie has a party.

Then, we still have to celebrate Christmas with my family, so see the lights in Nashville, make Santa cookies and have our family Christmas before Santa comes...and Nan and Grandad!  Ya'll, it may be busy, but it's the most wonderful time of the year.

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