Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ellie's First Haircut

I mentioned this yesterday, but Ellie got her first haircut.  Eli was born with TONS of hair, so it was a challenge waiting until he was one…you know, so he won't go bald.  Stupid wives tale! 

Ellie has been another story, bless her heart.  She has a mullet that likes of Billy Ray Cyrus and Joe Dirt would envy.  Oh, and the said mullet is curly.  Good times!

Basically her hair grows pin straight in from her crown to her forehead.  Meanwhile, her "sideburns" grow straight down on both sides, and then there are the curls.  Ya'll she's a hot mess which makes me soooo grateful for bows. 

I was sorta sad when the stylist told me that some length would have to come off to help shape the rest of it.  The long locks in the back were the only thing her "style" had going for it.  Nonetheless, I believe the experts and trust their opinion, and she was right. The final product is much better!

As for the process. Prissy Sissy was a true lady.  Eli went first and while she waited I told her that she needed to be a big girl and sit still like Bubba.  When it was her chance to get in the seat, she was as proud as a peacock and seemed to like being pampered a bit…of course!  When she was done, the stylist and I started clapping and telling her how pretty she looked.  To that, she beamed from ear to ear and said, "Bubba?"  Bless her heart, she needed Eli's approval!  

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