Saturday, February 7, 2015

According To The iPhone...

According to my phone, we have had an interesting day around these parts.  I woke up with a rash yesterday.  I treated it with Benadryl which seemed to work…until today.  I woke up  this morning covered in hives.  The second picture below is of my leg, and that was one of the LEAST effected areas.  My stomach and back were solid!

As you might imagine, I promptly headed to the Urgent Care Center for a shot.  The problem is that Eli had a 9:00 ballgame, and there was no way for Eric to take both kids.  We decided to divide and conquer.   I loaded up Ellie and waited in the parking lot for the place to open while Eric took Eli on to his game.  A shot and several prescriptions later, Ellie and I were cheering on Little Blondie!

Today is the last Saturday of Quail Season, so Eric left the game to go hunt.  I took both kids to the grocery store with me, which turned out better than expected.  After we got home, ate lunch, and put away the food, we decided to enjoy the sunshine and amazing temperatures. 

Off to the park we went.  It's so fun to see how much the kids change over the winter.  It was our first trip to this particular park since at least October.  Last year I had to follow Ellie around reminding her not to jump off the slide.  This year she is completely independent. 

Eli has also blossomed from the shy kid to the one organizing a game of tag with the other children. It's truly a joy to see them grow and mature!  Back at home we ate a quick dinner with Eric who had returned from hunting.  Then it was baths and a movie!

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