Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life Lately

I took a little unexpected blogging hiatus thanks to a crazy few weeks.  The timing really stinks because I was doing so well with it all.  Oh well, life happens and that’s what this blog is about after all isn’t it?  Life…our life…and the ups and downs of it all. 

So, when I last wrote we were headed to Lexington for my mom’s birthday and Monster Jam!  We had a ballgame early that Saturday which we were dreading because Eli was crying every game.  Well, I goofed and by the time we showed up it was halfway over.  Ha!  Eli played two quarters and made a few good rebounds, which boosted his confidence.  We are so grateful for a patient coach.  After that, it continued to be a great weekend. Eli and Eric enjoyed Monster Jam, and the rest of us had fun celebrating 58 years with Mom.

That next week is kinda a blur.  Monday and Tuesday I had training at work.  Wednesday was a retirement party and website redesign launch, Thursday I stayed late for a United Way banquet, and I had back to back meetings all day Friday.  Mixed in there was also church, more meetings, and few other work projects. CRAZY!!!!!

This past weekend started off great with a family outing to watch Warren East play basketball.  Saturday Eric’s parents came by up to watch Eli play ball and we enjoyed some time together after the game.

Things changed on Sunday morning when I woke up with a cold.  Since then Ellie has had a stomach virus, I’ve missed work two days, I caught the stomach bug, and Eric is down for the count today. 

I AM. So. Over. Winter….Germs Be Gone!!!!!!!!!!

I think you can see that it’s been a little hectic around these parts, which is why I’ve been MIA lately.  My goal is to have everyone on the mend this weekend so that we can have some family fun.

Friday we hope to have pizza night and head to watch Warren East play again.  Saturday morning is another ballgame and closing weekend of quail hunting for Eric which is probably where he’ll head after the game.  While he’s gone, I plan to decontaminate every square inch of our house and cook a “for real” meal instead of something out of a can.  Ha!  Hopefully we can squeeze in family movie night and a few games.  Who knows, if the weather holds out there might even be a trip to the park in store for the kids on Sunday after church. 

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