Friday, February 6, 2015

Raider Pride

Eli has gotten really into Warren East sports which is a good thing because it's where he will go to school, and it's literally five minutes from our house.  In fact when the topic of moving comes up, Eric and I promptly change the conversation citing our proximity to the school as the number one reason to stay put.  When the kiddos are in middle and high school, we can just pop in to their activities without having to travel halfway across the county.  

So tonight after supper we headed to the game.  Eli was so excited and his enthusiasm was made all the sweeter when he ran into several friends from schools and daycare. 

 By the end of the game Eric and I had a whole roll of kids loudly cheering and leading our section in the Ghost Busters theme song...good times!

I foresee a lot of Raider events in our future, and the thought of Ellie being on the court instead of watching the action from the bleachers, darn near breaks my heart.  Time is moving too fast!

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