Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day

Ya'll, Eli has prayed almost every day since Thanksgiving for snow.  The Lord truly heard his cry and sent 12 inches.  That's right.  We got a a whole foot of snow!  The officially reading at the airport is 9 and something inches, but we are north east and have a solid 12...measured in more than one location by my meteorologist husband whose Love Love language is accuracy and detail.  HA!

We slept in and enjoyed some snuggles this morning before the boys headed out to play.  Ellie pitched a fit, so I filled a coffee mug with water for her while I drank the real stuff.  We sat in the floor and made a big deal about it, and she was thrilled!

This was our back porch about four hours before it ended.  

After a delicious lunch of biscuits, gravy, bacon and eggs, I took Ellie outside to play with the boys.  She loved the snow at first and started running up and down the freshly scraped drive-way.

Eli was so fun to watch.  He just kinda bounced around and flopped down at his discretion.  

The snow was really dry and kept blowing aways, so it wasn't the best for sledding.  Eric packed it down this afternoon before he came in, so hopefully they'll get some good fun out of it tomorrow.  

It was all fun and games for Ellie until she face-planted in the snow.  That's when she started saying, "No. It code, momma.  No code."  That translates to, "No, Momma.  It's cold."

I took Ellie back in to warm up while the boys played a bit longer.  Eli ended up coming in while Eric got everything ready for tomorrow.  

The rest of the night was spent eating chili, playing, watching movies and picking up our giant mess!!

Ya'll, I feel so blessed to have had this day.  I have never had a true snow day.  My work closed down today and tomorrow.  There are no words of gratitude I could ever express for this gift.  Coming from a career where it was demanded to come in, meant risking my safety and being away from my kids.  I didn't have to make that choice today, and I am truly thankful!

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