Thursday, March 5, 2015

Celebrating Ellie

We decided to be a little unconventional this year with Ellie's birthday celebrations because she is so young and would be happy no matter what we did.  Plus, we wanted to be accommodating to our parents and families since they have to travel.  

It was a win-win because Ellie is going to end up with three parties.  One at home, one at Eric's parents, and one with my family in a couple of weeks. 

Our original plan was to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese's after school for pizza, games, and a fun family night, but with the impending snow storm we decided to play it safe and do something at home.  It turned out to be a wise choice because it started sleeting at promptly 5:00 last night!

In anticipation of the weather, we went to Glasgow Tuesday night to get groceries, party supplies, cupcakes, and presents!  I am so, so grateful that we made that choice.  Otherwise, the poor girl wouldn't have had a family party. 

Eli was super sweet and used his snack money at school to buy Ellie candy for her birthday, which just melted my heart!  She was so thrilled, and he was so proud…as was Momma.  It is so important to me to instill in my children a giving heart, and Eli is so generous. 

We did cupcakes with a princess theme, and Ellie was just delighted!  I don't have pictures of her blowing out her candles because I was too busy videotaping it, so this will have to do. Ya'll, I felt so guilty about not having her a party, but I knew with our travel schedule, our families' busy lives, and the impending weather, that this was the best option.

  A few well intended comments from others have really made me feel worse, but in the end, I know we did the right thing.  Ellie was loved, and celebrated, and showered with gifts, and that's all that matters.  I am so thankful for this little blessing and the joy she brings to our lives.

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