Friday, May 15, 2015

A Really Sappy Post About School Lunch

Today I am feeling particularly sentimental.  It’s possible that all this sensitivity stems from having just celebrate Mother’s Day, but I have a hunch that it has more to do with all of the awards ceremonies I’ve attending.

All week I have witnessed parents proudly entering high school auditoriums and gymnasiums with bright smiles masking what I believe has to be an intensity of mixed emotions – exuberant pride that their child has reached the milestone of walking the graduation stage, mixed with the sinking feeling that they arrived to this place all too soon.

I wonder what emotions I will experience when my time comes.  Will I beam with pride that we have accomplished these 18 years, or will I grieve that this season was fleeting?   Will I celebrate their successes or will I mourn their leaving?  Will I look to the next chapter with anticipation or will I grieve turning the page?  Will I rest in the peace of knowing that I have given them both roots and wings?

I cannot possibly know the answers to those questions, although I suspect that I will experience a messy combination of all of the above.  And while I can’t answer for sure, I can be conscience about cherishing these moments before me today.  Because all too soon, that scraped-up kneed, overly active, needy kindergarten will turn into a young man walking across the graduation stage.  And that curly-haired, paci-loving, sassy little toddler will transform into a gracious lady ready to spread her wings and fly.

So until that blessed, cursed, happy, sad, wonderful, beautiful day arrives, I will do exactly what I did today… I will cherish this season. 

With all this built up sentiment, I did what any mother would do.  I stopped by Eli’s school for a surprise lunch date.  It was the best even if this boy wouldn't give me a real smile!

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