Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sweet Saturday

Today has not been my day.  I accidentally locked Eric's keys in the truck at Eli's ballgame and had to bum a ride back to the house to get the spare key, then drive all the way back to park.  Luckily it was a beautiful day, and the kids were content to play on the swings while they waited.

The delay meant that we  only had time for a quick lunch at home before heading to a birthday party for our favorite twins...Duncan and Maggie!  The kids had the best time playing, throwing disc golf, and eating cupcakes.  There was one downside,  I dropped my iPhone and shattered it.  UGH!!

Luckily, Eric lifted my spirits after the party by taking me shopping for Mother's Day.  He bought me a pair of new running shoes.  Then we went to a new store in town called Five Below where, get this, everything is less than $5.  Go figure.  I was awesome!  We grabbed KFC on the way home then put the kids to bed while we watched a movie...and fell asleep.  We're so adventurous. 

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