Saturday, June 27, 2015


I turned 29 on Father’s Day, and for some reason people keep asking me how I’m handling it being the last year in my 20s.  An odd question if I do say so myself.  I mean, it’s not a death sentence! Now, I know the big three-oh is still a year away, so I could completely change my mind, but at this point, I’m not dreading turning 30.  In a lot of ways, I’m sort of embracing it.

It seems really weird to still be in the same decade as I was in college.  When I rang in this decade I was single, living in a dorm, eating Ramen Noodles, and living for the weekend.  That’s a far cry from being a wife and mother of two with a career, mortgage, and mini-van.  Am I right? 

Turning 30 (in a year) seems right.  I’m an old soul.  I can’t tell you a single Kardashian, but I enjoy a good political debate.  Instead of watching The Bachelor, Designing Women and Golden Girls are more my scene.  And forget pop culture and popular music because I’m much more likely to be listening The Gaither Vocal Band than Lady Gaga.  Sad, but true.

Turning30 (in a year) really seems comfortable to me, and I look forward to a new decade of blessings.  However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a few things that I want to do while I’m considered “young” by the world’s standards.  Here is my 30x30!

1. Lose 30 lbs (cause I hear weight gets stubborn after that.)
2. Take a weekend trip (or 2) with the hubby.
3.  Have a “Girls Weekend” with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law
4.  Finish the lockers in Eli’s Room
5. Transition Ellie’s nursery into a big girl room
6.     Redecorate our Master Suite
7.     Change my porch décor each season
8.     Visit a new winery
9.     Catch Up with college friends
10. Develop a better morning routine
11. Treat myself to a monthly massage
12. Read more (this is vague, but that makes it attainable)
13. Go to the Derby
14. Do the KY Bourbon Trail
15. Take the kids camping
16. Take the kids on a short spring break trip
17. Do a spa day with Ellie
18. Have a Mommy/Son Day with Eli
19. Go on at least six dates with Eric
20. Cheer on the Toppers
21. Go to a concert
22.  Send someone a hand-written note
23. Plan a big vacation
24. Go zip-ling with Dad
25. Monogram everything (raincoat, rain boots, umbrella, boots, sweatshirt)
26. Throw holiday theme parties for my kids
27. Attend more football games
28. Donate to a new charity
29. Help someone in need
30. Travel to a new place on the map

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  1. I am pretty sure you have done several of those already! Didn't you just get back from a huge vacation?! Ha!

    30 flirty and thriving right?

    I am pretty sure I should join you on several of these ventures. :-)