Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Disney Vacation Day One

We woke up bright and early on the morning we left town and very carefully loaded our last bags into the car before sneaking a sleeping Eli into his seat.  When we went back in to get Ellie we were greeted with a peacefully sleeping baby in a puddle puke...YUCK!!

As you might have guessed, she was no longer sleeping (nor was her brother) by the time we cleaned her up and took care of the sheets. We were worried sick the whole trip down that she had a bug or would get sick again, but she was fine.  By the way, who pukes and doesn't wake up?

We stopped in Southern Kentucky for gas and then made it all the way to the Georgia line before needing a potty break.  That's when we dressed the kiddos for the day too.  We made it through Atlanta in record time and stopped for lunch in Macon at the new location of our vacation favorite, the Smokin Pig.

After ordering, I took the kids out to run around while Eric waited on the food.  It was a win-win situation because we they are awful in restaurants, so Eric had a few minutes of peace, and they got to burn off some energy.

Back on the road, everyone took naps...expect for the driver, of course!  An hour of playing with the tablets, and three repeats of "Sleeping Beauty" later, we finally made it to our hotel.  We had anticipated it taking longer to get to Orlando than it did, so we stayed off property the first date. Since we made it sooner rather than later, we unloaded our overnight bag and headed to Downtown Disney. 

We ate dinner at this little Irish Pub and then walked around to explore the area.  Honestly, it was stressful.  It was soooo stinking crowded, the traffic was insane, and we were all exhausted from the car ride. 

But after a good meal and a few meltdowns, we were ready to explore the area.  Ellie was thrilled to see life-size Disney Princesses, and Eli was enthralled by the lego sculptures.  It made me really look forward to the parks where everything would be so much bigger to them. 

We ended up heading back to the room fairly early because we had an 5:45 wakeup call!  Even thous the evening started out a little stressful, it ended beautifully and was a great tease for the wonderful memories to come. 

I think everyone conked out promptly upon resting their heads on the pillow.  Ha!

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