Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend In Lexington

We just got in from the most delightful weekend in Lexington.  On Thursday, I went home on my lunch break to pack.  Then it was a quick trip through the drive-thru, and we were on the road as soon as I got off work.  

We visited with my parents when we made it, then we went to see my sister's new house, which was super adorable.  Ellie threw fit to stay at Amy's house all night, so I let her.  Friday morning my sister called to say that she had done great!

We lounged around all morning then went to my grandmother's house to visit and swim.  It was such a nice day, and the kids loved all the attention they were getting from family.  After an afternoon of fun in the sun, we headed back to my parent's house for dinner.  We settled down for a movie, and Ellie zonked right out.  Eli asked to go to bed before the movie was over, but he ended up playing in the bedroom for a few minutes

On Saturday morning, I went to get doughnuts and drove past a yard sale on my way back where I found TWO vacuum cleaners, which were much needed after mine and my parent's broke.  Yay for bargains at clean houses!

After getting ready, we ate lunch and ran by Wal-Mart before going to visit my mom's mom.  Next was Toys R Us (duh) and a visit with my dad's mom.  We met both of my siblings and their spouses for dinner at Copper River, which was an interesting experience.  Then we headed to Shannon's gym to run off some energy for the kids and dinner for me. Ha! It is so much to have a brother in law who owns his own gym complete with a 30 foot trampoline!!

Sunday my parents took the kids to church so that I could go to the lake, but I slept so soundly that I missed my sister calling to confirm.  Since that didn't work out, I went swimming with Eli and my dad while my mom kept Ellie.  They met us around 4:30, and the kids and I headed home.  It was a great wrap to a nice weekend. 

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