Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Party In My Tummy

We knocked another item off of our Summer Bucket List...eating watermelon!  Actually, we have indulged in this summertime favorite several times already this year, but I finally got pictures.

I bought a mini watermelon on a whim, and I didn't love it.  The kids, however, were fans.

After dinner I stripped them down and let them have at it.  Since it's so messy, the only acceptable way to eat watermelon is outside, one the front porch, half naked.  

Since the kids needed hosed down, we made the most of it and had an impromptu sprinkler party.  Actually, I just held my thumb over the water.  They ran around the yard laughing and playing, and it was just wonderful!

Nights like this are what summer is all about.  It wasn't forced or contrived.  I just grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos of our real, everyday life.  What a blessing it is to raise these babies.

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