Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Midweek Musing

This is my first week back to a somewhat normal routine since school let out for summer, and it is wearing me out!  Granted, I am working longer hours so that I can take off early on Friday, but I'm still adjusting to a five day work week.  HA!

There's really not a lot to report this week.  The rain has pretty much forced us inside, but I have managed to cook every night and say caught up on the laundry, so that's good.  Last night Ellie sat still and let me play with her hair.  The above picture is the end result.  She and I were both thrilled!  I may post more pictures soon because your first set of pigtails are a big deal.

Your first chore chart is also a big deal.  I designed this one for Eli.  If you can actually read the small print, you'll see that there are things like "Dress Myself" and "Brush Teeth."  I am well aware that these are not chores, but they are things that would make my life much easier if there wasn't a battle over them every morning.  He will get ten cents per item, so he could earn up to to $7 total per week, although that's doubtful.

I'm on the fence about chores because I think everyone needs to contribute to the family.  We will cross that bridge later.  For now, Eli has asked to earn money.  Since he is interested, we are going to start with these "chores."  Right now my goal is to focus on establishing good habits and a strong 
routine starting primarily with our morning and evenings.

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  1. I am working on some type of chore chart too! It is just one of my goals for Griffin now that he is 4. And I agree about the everyone needing to contribute. So I am just trying to make some type of chart that shows what his responsibilities are, and he won't earn money for doing them but will lose privileges for not doing them. But I did see one idea where there were chores you have to do and get no money for, and then "bigger or less routine" chores that you could do for money. Maybe later on that could work for you?

    How is he doing on it so far?