Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First Day of First Grade

This boy started First Grade today, which just seem possible.  It's so cliche, but where has the time gone, and how did we get here.

School starts a little later this year, so I had some time kill after dropping Ellie off.  We celebrated the milestone at McDonalds for Biscuits and Gravy, his favorite.

The sun was shining through the windows, and it was just very picturesque. I want to always remember how he looked in the moment, so innocent, so eager, so precious!

I walked him to his room, and he was thrilled to see his friends and get started on his morning work.  

I am so excited about this year.  I've only met his teacher twice, but I already adore her.  

I was touring schools taking pictures throughout the day, so I was blessed with a few minutes to grab some photos with my boy.  The first day is always so crazy, it I was nice to turn my phone over to a six-year-old photographer.

Eric had to work late, so I took the kids out to Mexican for a celebration!

It's gonna be a great year, ya'll!

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