Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Bucket List

Since was a slacker last year and never shared our family photos on the blog, I thought that now would be a good opportunity to use them.  So, be warned that these photos are a year old.  This may be late, but thanks Sabrina for sharing your talent!!

Moving on, here is my bucket list.

Family Activities
1. Fall Festival
2. Golfing Weekend
3. Smiths Grove Days
4. Paint Pumpkins
5. Carve Pumpkins
6. Play at the Garden Patch
7. Jackson's Orchard
8. Chaney's Dairy Barn
9. Fall Break Fun
10. Colby's Birthday
11. Grandad's Birthday
12. Hike
13. Camp
14. Play in the leaves
15. Apple Pie
16. Pumpkin Pie
17. Halloween Jello
18. Halloween Cookies
19. Monster Mash
20. Halloween Parties
21. Trick or Treat
22. Monster Mash
23. Trick or Treat at work
24. Bon Fire

Couple Stuff
25. Anniversary Trip/ Kristen's Weekend
26. Nashville Weekend

27. Fall porch
28. Organize Closets
29. Clean out toys
30. set up new beds

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