Sunday, September 13, 2015

Low-Key Weekend

We just had the most wonderful, relaxing weekend, which is exactly what we needed before the influx of fall activities and traveling followed by the craziness of the holidays.  As I mentioned yesterday, we spent the morning being lazy at home.  I was out of coffee, so I treated the kids to McDonalds so that I could pick some up in the drive-thru.  Other than that, it was a morning of reading, playing, and chores.

Eric brought us lunch home when he came back from helping with football pictures. We spent the afternoon doing laundry, napping, and of course, enjoying football both on tv and in real life!!!

Saturday evening Eric went with me to the grocery, and I was never so happy to have his help.  I posted this on Facebook, but I equate grocery shopping with kids to running a marathon.  Seriously, I live to cross the finish line...I mean checkout line.

Sunday was church, and I bribed the kids to take photos.  It went fairly well, even if you can't see that Ellie is sporting her "southerness" with a football dress and Texas-size bows.  We have to train 'em up right, ya'll.

Eric treated us to a shrimp boil for lunch, and then it was an afternoon of even more family time and relaxing.  I even played it cool when the kids begged to play outside in their flannel Christmas pjs.

Like I always say, "Embrace the Chaos."  Tonight it's Miss America with my girl...a perfect way to round out the weekend if I do say so myself.

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