Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Midweek Musings

Ya'll, this week has been a doozie.  Remember when I mentioned that Ellie was sick on Monday?Well, apparently she is very generous when it comes to sharing germs because Eli came home from school yesterday with a fever.   Since I stayed home on Monday, Eric took sick duty today.

Does anyone else find that one day off of work equals two catchup days?  Oh, just me?  Forget that I mentioned it.  Ha!

We skipped church on Sunday because Ellie was sick, and now we missed Wednesday because of Ellie.  Maybe one day we'll get it all together.  Usually this hits in November, so hopefully we're getting it early.  I already started the kiddos on their allergy medicine to start getting in their system before the seasons change.

Speaking of changing seasons, last week's weather was amazing and so fall-like.  This week summer is back with a vengeance with temperatures in the low 90s and heat index values nearing 100. Ugh!

Of course this weekend is the unofficial start to fall, and we have so many fun things planned for the season.  The kids are really at a good age where they are old enough to be independent and fun, but young enough to still enjoy the cliche stuff like jumping in the leaves and painting pumpkins.  Ya'll know that a Bucket List is coming...right?

Two wrap up the random thoughts today, I want to share two quick factoids about the kiddos.

Eli is really, really into pajamas.  It started when I missed PJ Day at school last year, and it's kinda escalated.  He may need therapy over it.  Anyway, last week I bought him some Christmas PJs, so now he wears them for Family Movie Night and requests holiday movies.  So far we have been more than happy to oblige in watching Santa Clause and Santa Clause Two.

Ellie likes this little out-of-season tradition too, but the big news on her is that she is POTTY TRAINED!!!  It was so stinking easy this time around, so kudos to daycare for the support.  As part of this fact, I should mention that she is super lady-like and tries to pee in the yard like Eli.  It doesn't work too well, but it is hysterical to watch her try.  Don't worry.  We'll break the habit before sending her to kindergarten.  Hahaha.

Happy Wednesday, ya'll!!

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