Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Midweek Musings

Happy Hump Day, ya'll!  I can't believe that we are halfway through the week already!  This weekend Eric and I celebrate 7 years of marriage, I get to watch one of my very best friends walk down the aisle, and next week is Fall Break.  CRAZY!!!

I have a couple of funny stories that I want to document this week, so hang with me.

Yesterday, Sabrina and I tried a new restaurant in town called Pie Queen, and it was right up my ally.  It was tucked in the most precious ally just off of the town square, and it was decorated like a 1940s cafe all the way down to the vintage table clothes!  I LOVED it, and enjoyed the company even more.

The problem is that it's fairly small inside, and seating is limited.  It's not a huge issue...except when someone asks for your table and proceeds to stare at you until you finally get up and eat your dessert STANDING UP!  I could not believe that someone was so rude!  It's no reflection on the establishment, of course, but seriously lady, brush up on your manners.

In other news, I'm always toying around with the idea of starting a little blog dedicated to my Goodwill finds, but selfies make me extremely uncomfortable.  Today I ran to Goodwill on my lunch break and took a picture of my outfit while I was trying on a "new dress."

Well, pride cometh before the fall.  After I snapped the above photo, I bought a different dress, and rushed out the door.  Would you believe that as soon as I set down in my car, the dress I was wearing (shown above) ripped at the zipper seam?  UGH!!  I wasn't too concerned because I was wearing a cardigan.  However, when I got out at work I realized the sweater was too short to cover it.

I had to change into the "new" unwashed dressed, which is gross but way better than getting fired for indecent exposure.  Yes?  I'm taking the whole situation as a sign that I am not ready to start a "fashion" blog.  

To wrap of this midweek update, I would like to share with you my little lady.  She dressed herself, and aside from choosing a Halloween Costume, I think her coordinating abilities are pretty solid.  Who knows, maybe she'll be the one to start a fashion blog.

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  1. Oh recounting the table story a few times this week and it makes me laugh everytime now.
    Oh woman!

    And why did you not call me to go to goodwill!!! I need to go. I despise selfies too. You could always take pics of your awesome finds on hangers?!! I vote yes.

    I need to find your blog motivation!! I am sucking it up.