Monday, October 5, 2015

Anniversary Trip

Ya'll, we just got back from our annual anniversary trip, and we were able to help celebrate one of my best friends from college as she got married!  As you will see from the pictures, we basically ate our way through Georgia and South Carolina.

We left on Thursday evening as soon as my mom and dad got to the house to watch the kids.  We stopped somewhere in middle Tennessee for dinner, but all we could find open was Burger King.  Since it was late and we were tired, we ate in the car and didn't stop again until we made it to Atlanta for the night. 

Friday morning we slept in since we had arrived so late.  Then we grabbed a quick lunch at Jason's Deli and hit the road for the rest of the trip to Augusta.  After checking into our hotel, we dressed and headed straight to meet the wedding party.  Please note that I forgot to book a hotel, thus we were not able to stay with everyone else.  I'm super organized and responsible like that.

We drove to South Carolina for the rehearsal and then enjoyed dinner at Carrabba's before heading back to the hotel for bed.  Saturday was spent getting ready for the wedding and celebrating Kristen.  Ya'll, she was such a champ dealing with all the rain.  Seriously, we joked and told her that she should name her first kid Joaquin after the hurricane that wreaked havoc on her wedding!

Sunday was really the day that Eric and I got to spend together, which is appropriate since it was our 7 year anniversary.  We slept in and then found this local gem for lunch.  It might look like a shack, but heavens, ya'll, it was amazing!

After lunch, we spent the day shopping and scored some great deals at Sears where we found a $3 rack!!  We also indulged in a few too many donuts before heading to a movie where we ate even more...popcorn!

As if we couldn't possibly be hungry, we ate again at California Dream.  Below is my pasta platter.  I could only eat half, go figure!  

This morning we woke up early and drove to Atlanta where we stopped for a quick trip through IKEA and lunch.  As soon as we made it home, I dropped Eric off in Bowling Green to mow while I went to E-town to meet Mom and Dad and get my babies.

Time away is always much needed, but it makes coming back home all the sweeter.  Tomorrow I'm off work again, so were going to enjoy a little quality time. 

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