Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Boo...Happy Halloween, ya'll!  I hope your day was as frightfully wonderful as ours was.

We started the day a little rocky because the kids got up at the crack of dawn, which is super annoying and puts everyone is bad mood.  Luckily, we turned it around and spent some time playing and catching up on housework while Eric put the final touches on the wagon.

He finished it at 4:00, but we ran into trouble trying to load it.  After many failed attempts, we finally took the handle off and got it loaded. Then we rushed around to get everyone dressed, out of the house and to town for Tick-or-Treating.

Right off the bat, we met up with Eli's friend Kendall and her mom.  The kids took turns riding in the wagon and on Kendall's golf cart.

Batman and Batgirl were thrilled!  They bopped from house to house collecting candy, showing off their wagon, and visiting with friends.

This little lady was beside herself and wanted to eat every sucker that she got.

It was social hour for Eli, and he was so excited to see a fellow Batman and his best buddy, Miles.

He even humored us and posed for a picture with the brains behind the Bat Mobile.  It was the most perfect night for Halloween.  The wind was blowing leaves all around and the threat of rain left a foggy haze in the air with the perfect amount of cool air.

Ellie insisted on wearing the mask, but it kept leaving huge marks on her face.  Bless her heart, she wanted to be "in character" the whole time. Ps- ignore mu hair below.  I promise I didn't chop it all off.  The wind had it all a mess.

After circling the neighborhood, we headed to church for Truck-or-Treat.  We loaded up on candy and then headed inside for soup, chili and hotdogs.

That's where Batman ran into another lady friend, Jolly.  They are in the same class at church and at school and are just the best buddies.

Funny hindsight.  Loading and unloading the wagon was a chore.  Despite the delicacy of it, we did really well.  That is until we got home.  I dropped my end..oops!  

Now we are back home, doped up on sugar, and hoping everyone rests well tonight.  It was a wonderful night full of precious memories.

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