Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Garden Patch 2015

With Fall Break underway, I took one more day off from work.  This time, it was focused on the kids and having some good, old-fashioned, fall fun!

Before I left the news, I used to take at least one afternoon a week to do something fun with the kids.  In the fall, we usually headed to the orchard.  Working "normal hours," means that I don't have free afternoons, but that doesn't stop us from getting creative when it comes to making memories.

We've got a few more trips to the orchard planned, so I didn't torture the kids with matching outfits.  Instead, we enjoyed the sunshine and playing outside.

The kiddie pools full of corn is always a hit.  I would bury a toy and they would race to uncover it. 

When that got old, I made up an obstacle course for them to finish.  They races, then I timed them, then they made their one courses.  It was a lot of fun.

We wrapped up the trip by picking out a few small pumpkins to paint.  You know that I'll document that family fun too.  Haha!

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