Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You Can't Ride In My Little Red Wagon

One of our family's favorite Halloween traditions is to convert our little, red wagon into a nice ride for the kids.  I say "we," but the truth is that Eric does all the work.  I throw out a few theme ideas and keep the kids entertained...that's about it.

Every year Eric pours his heart and soul into the project, and I love watching his vision come to life.  He is the best daddy in the whole world to put in so many long hours and late nights just for one evening of fun.  And he does it all for the sole purpose of seeing our kids smile.  He's a keeper that man!

2011 was his first project, and Eli was very into the movie Cars. Needless to say, Lighten McQueen was a dream come true for a two-year-old little guy!  It was made complete with working lights and a "radio" that played the movie album.  

We went with a pirate theme in 2012, so Eric turned the wagon into a pirate ship. Ya'll, it was amazing!  The attention he pays to detail is unbelievable.  He went so far as to make sure that there was a working lantern and a flying flag.

For some reason we skipped 2013, but I would venture to guess that having two kids under four had something to do with it. Ha!

Last year (2014) we got to bust out the pink, and Eric turned the wagon into the Minnie Mouse Corvette. It too had working lights and a radio that played Minnie's songs.  Like I said, he's the best daddy.

Wait until you see what he's got up his sleeve this year.  He's taking it to a whole new level, and I am super excited.  (Insert enthusiastic squeal) I can't wait!! But seriously, my man deserves a shout out for all of his hard work.  Thanks, babe!!

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