Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Tree Wars

If you’ve read this blog for very long, you might remember the Christmas Tree Wars of 2013.  Ellie was about 8 months old during the holiday season and starting to pull up on things.  Unfortunately, she decided to utilize Eli’s tree and pulled it on top of herself.  Eli quickly responded by telling the Elf on the Shelf to add her to the "Naughty List" before he ran into her room and toppled her tree over.  Good times!

Fast forward to 2015.  Yesterday morning while I was in the shower, Eric heard a loud crash and jumped up to investigate.  He discovered that Eli’s tree had somehow fallen over, so he propped it back up.

Under the pile of branches, he was surprised to discover a sleeping Ellie. Hahaha! 

Ya’ll our little lady is a sleep walker…big time.  She also has a “thing” about unplugging Christmas trees, so we think she was walking in her sleep and tried to unplug Eli’s tree, which caused it to fall.

Bless her heart!  She didn’t even wake up until Eric picked her up to carry her back to bed. 

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