Sunday, December 20, 2015

Making A List, Checking It Twice

Hey, ya'll!  I know it's been a month of Sundays since I've blogged in "real time."  I'm always playing catchup six weeks after an event, but I thought that since we're hunkered down surviving the stomach virus, I would actually write.

Ok, "hunkered down," might be an exaggeration. It seems to be a 24 hour thing, and since we've all had a turn since Friday, we're just staying home again today for good measure.  I can't stand the thought of spreading germs this time of year, plus I want everyone fully recuperated before Christmas.

And don't you worry.  I've got lots of Christmas posts headed your way.  It's only 10:00, and we're already two Christmas movies in with plans to watch more this afternoon.  I'm going to use this time to make my lists...ALL THE LISTS...and check them twice. It has been the busiest holiday season that I can remember, so I'm a little behind.

This is the first year that I've done a chunk of my shopping online.  I actually picked up Santa stuff during the fall and put the big ticket items on Lay-a-way so that I wouldn't be so stressed on Black Friday.  So basically, I am waiting for a lot of packages. 

It's going to be such a busy, but fun week!  If everyone is on the mend, tomorrow I plan to bake cookies with the kiddos after work.  Tuesday we are going to Nashville to see the lights at the Opryland Hotel, and Wednesday we have our Christmas service at church.  Of course Thursday will be spent getting ready for Jolly Ole' Saint Nick!

I plan to work through Wednesday, so that means that my lunch breaks this week are going to be busy, busy, busy-grocery shopping for the week, grocery shopping for Christmas, buying batteries, and finishing up stocking stuffers.  Plus, I haven't wrapped a single gift.  Oh, and then there's the issue of cleaning out the fridge to make room for all the food.  And cleaning the house...AHHH!!

It's crazy, and I'm so stinking excited.  

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