Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ellie The Artist

Remember yesterday when I talked about the fun relationship between a mother and a daughter?  Well,  I got a big dose of special fun tonight!

I sent this picture to my mom in a text that said, "I got hit with a basketball at Eli's practice."

When she didn't respond, I decided that she was probably in bed.  Therefore, I should clarify before she wakes up tomorrow morning and panics.  Ha!  So, I sent the above picture with a caption that said, "Just kidding!  Ellie gave me a makeover."

Haha.  Poor girl has got some learning to do before middle school! We all know those girls can be brutal, and they would have a heyday with her current skills.  Bless her little heart,  I can't wait to teach about all things girlie.  

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