Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Cream

Yesterday I blogged about how I don't want this to end...the precious family time that comes with being snowed in.  Of course, all good things must come to a close, but I just needed to soak it up a little bit longer.  

School was out, but work continued at the office.  I toyed with the idea of sledding one more time this evening, but all of the melting just made for a muddy mess.  Instead, we made Snow Cream..."southern style" with all the bad stuff you can think off in it.

Eli is a rule follower and was less than thrilled about eating the snow. He asked me about a billion times if it was clean or if it would make him sick.  Ha!  Looks like we have a "Safety Sam" Jr. on our hands.

Ellie was quite the opposite.  She channeled her inner Snow Queen, putting on her Elsa dress and getting right down to business.

I must say that the Southern Style recipe was much better than the one I found online last year.  I could actually eat this stuff.

My house is turned upside down.  The winter clothes, coats, hats, and gloves are in a floor by the door needing to be washed and put away. My dining room table has been moved into the family room to make way for the full-size a mattress that we need to get rid of but haven't because of the snow. The bathroom vanity and toilet are sitting in my family room while we repair the floor.  Dishes are piled in the sink, and toys are littering the floor, but I couldn't worry about that tonight. I just needed to be with my babies while they are two and six and mesmerized by the magic of a snow day.

Tomorrow I will start to put it all back in place before I lose my sanity, but my Momma soul needed more chance to soak it all in.  

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