Saturday, March 5, 2016

Time With The Birthday Girl

One of those "mom things" I always dreamed about was taking cupcakes to school to celebrate birthdays with my kiddos.  I had the chance to do that with Eli when he was in daycare, but now his birthday falls the first week of school.  

Side story: The first day of this upcoming school year (2016-17) will be on Eli's actual birthday.  I thought he would be excited, but when I told him he started crying, "Why would they do this to me?  They can't do this to me." Ha!  And to think that I was worried about girl drama.

Anyway, back to Ellie.  This has been the first year that I have had the opportunity to celebrate with her friends at daycare because we were snowed in the previous two years.  I actually took off a half day to spend time with her, and I spent the first part of that time finishing up a little shopping with Eric. 

She was so surprised and excited to see me.  After getting serenaded by a chorus of toddlers singing "Happy Birthday," she eagerly shared her cookies with all of her friends.

She and I then left to do a little more shopping.  First, we stopped to buy a baby gift for our little cousin due in April.  That ended with additional purchases including a necklace and lunch box for Momma and a new Christmas dress for Ellie.  

Our second stop was supposed to be a quick run into a boutique for leggings.  We did some damage there too coming out with a whole new outfit.  I can see now that she's going to be a bad influence on me in the shopping department. Ha!  But how fun to have a little partner in crime. 

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